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Heads of Noosa Brewing Co.

The Refresher Pack - Japanese Style Lager

12 x 330ml Bottles of Japanese Style Lager | 12 x 330ml Bottles of Hop Valley Hop Seltzer

The Refresher Pack combines the best of both worlds. Heads of Noosa Japanese Style Lager and Hop Valley Hop Seltzer. 

Hop Seltzer is a refreshing non-alcoholic unique hop infused sparkling water. Containing zero alcohol, zero calories and zero sugar making it the perfect "in-between beers" drink. 

Australian barley and rice play a lead role in creating this popular signature lager by Heads of Noosa. Brewed, fermented and filtered with precision. This lager is clean, crisp and delicately divine... for exceptional times.  

Give them both a try today!

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