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Heads of Noosa Brewing Co.

The Refresher Pack

12 x 330ml Bottles of Japanese Lager| 12 x 330ml Bottles of Hop Valley Hop Seltzer

The Refresher Pack combines the best of both worlds. Heads of Noosa famous Japanese Lager and Hop Valley Hop Seltzer. 

Hop Seltzer is a refreshing non-alcoholic unique hop infused sparkling water. Containing zero alcohol, zero calories and zero sugar making it the perfect "in-between beers" drink. 

Our Japanese Lager pays homage to the refined nature of the style. A proprietary blend of malts gives it a delicate appearance and flavour profile. Filtered, for a clean & crisp mouthfeel, making it exceptionally palatable and truly enjoyable.

Give them both a try today, for a limited time only. 

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